Channel bridge -for sale 11.8x9.4" (30x24cm)
Arthur haas arthur haas channel bridge small
Arthur haas arthur haas channel bridge framed small
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Arthur haas 20180906 144531
Channel bridge -for sale 11.8x9.4" (30x24cm)

Passing over a similar bridge as can be seen in the painting, the sunlight hit the trees just so. It's not actively looking for subjects to paint that made me stop and look but I guess it's more about being open to be surprised by beauty. God, this sounds cheesy. But true nevertheless.
This one is for sale for € 320,-. This is with a frame and shipping included. It's painted on canvas on panel, is signed and varnished and is a unique item. It comes with a frame ready to be hanged and comes well packed. You can contact me through the contact page for details.

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